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Bribes and Payments

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Doubt and desperation fill Bree as she faces the fallout of her recklessness. Turning to her best friend, Treena, she pleads, “Could you get Darius on board?”

Nodding, Treena responds, “I could.”

“Work on him. We need his help for this to come together.”

“I’ll just work my womanly ways on him. And he’ll expect you to give him a little something as well.” Treena wiggles her eyebrows at Bree.

“I’ve already got something in mind he’s really gonna like.”

“I’ll call him.”

Treena walks out with the phone to her ear. Bree hears her friend’s muffled voice, but can’t make out her words. Hoping for the best, Bree begins her preparations for Darius’s arrival.

A half hour later brings a loud knock on the door and Darius bursts in.

“Okay, ladies. What have you got for me? Mmmm . . .” He breathes in a deep breath. “Somebody’s got it smelling gooooood in here.”

“Darius! Hi!”

“Treena tells me you need my help with a little problem?” Darius’s head swivels around the room. “I see she didn’t overstate the issue. Payment?”

“In the kitchen. It’s a recipe called Mississippi Mud Cake. I think you’re gonna like it.”

“So, you threw away the instructions?”

“It was an accident! I dumped all the parts out and heard the garbage truck coming down the street so I ran out with the box. It’s Erin’s birthday and she really wants a doll house!”

“No worries. I just did one like this for Rachie.”

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