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Piece of Cake

The bloody handprint dragged down the back window of my car. I already knew it belonged to my scout, Ingrid. My last scout. And they took my last rider ten days ago. But I had a plan. It’s the endgame, really. Our final, strategic move to end this bloodbath.

“Kindik, Mara, get the others and meet me in the main room. It’s time.”

I looked at our small group, “We’ve been over this plan hundreds of times. Do you each know what you are supposed to do? It’s vital everyone does exactly what they should do exactly when they should do it.”

First to answer was Mara, “Yes, Captain.”

“Piece of cake,” this from young Waque.

Then from Kindick, “We’ve got this Captain.”

I made my way around the group and looked into each set of eyes, knowing this was probably the last time we would all be together. Maybe the last time all of us were even alive. With a final nod I sent them to their final mission.

It felt like forever before reports started coming in. Grid G was ours. So was Grid B and D. My heart pounded even faster than before. Did we really manage to pull it off?

Hours dragged by before I heard pounding on my door. Bloodied and bruised, Waque waited for me to let him in.

“They’re all dead, Captain - Mara, Kindick, everyone. . .” Waque sobbed, “We’re all that’s left. Captain?”

I composed my face and gave him a look of stoic compassion, “Yes?”

“That wasn’t a piece of cake.”

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