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Salt and Bergamot

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

Sofia poured a bottle of her most expensive pheromones into the bath, watching them swirl together with the water in a hypnotic blend. Slipping through the rose petals, she eased into the tub and closed her eyes. Images of the night to come filled her head. Marcus wouldn’t be able to resist her, she was sure of that. The soap slid across her skin and a smile slid across her face. The night was sure to be memorable.

She walked into the restaurant, head swiveling as she breathed in the scents. One side of her mouth raised in a half-smile as she took one big whiff. He was here. She walked towards his table, black eyes flashing gold in the candlelight.

Marcus’s eyes grew wide and he swallowed hard when he saw her. He stood up to greet her, knocking his chair over in the process. She’d left a wake of salivating tongues in her path, every eye in the restaurant on her.

Sofia flashed him a provocative smile, “Hello Marcus.” She reached for an embrace and flicked her tongue across his ear as he leaned in, hearing his breath hitch as she did. He tasted of salt and bergamot, the same as his scent.

“Let’s skip dinner, huh?”

Marcus nodded.

On their way out the door, she leaned in, “Do you run, Marcus?”


A low growl issued from the back of her throat.

“Then run.”

Poor Marcus. He didn’t have a chance.

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